Est. SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

Charlotte, North Carolina, The City of Churches, has a rich evangelical history, is home to over 1,000 churches, and boasts some of the largest churches in the entire country. Yet a closer look at the city shows that only about 13% of the city’s population holds to convictional Christian beliefs, and 10 of North Carolina’s top 11 most lost pockets are inside of Hwy 485.

In May 2017 Ben and Caroline Davey moved to Charlotte with the desire to plant a church that would touch the two most lost pockets and reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As they started building a team and holding preview services, the leadership of a 96-year-old-church, Southside Baptist Church, came to Ben with a unique opportunity that would involve SBC dissolving and its members becoming a part of Life Church. After months of discussion and prayer, Southside’s members voted unanimously to dissolve as a church, give Life Church their building, and become active members under the new leadership, vision, mission, and values. On September 9, 2018, Life Church, along with the previous members of SBC, launched as a brand new church in the South End borough of Charlotte.

Today, Life Church Charlotte’s mission is to saturate our community and city with the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that every man, woman, and child might know what it means to experience and enjoy life in Him.