what to expect


Time: 10am, Sundays

Address: 301 Elmhurst Road, Charlotte, NC 28209



Childcare is provided for kids up to 7-years-old. We are passionate about the next generation, and would be honored to spend some time sharing the love of Christ with your children. To learn more about Life Kids, click here.


We spend time singing songs that are theologically rich, musically beautiful, and corporately singable. For us, sound, style, and substance are equally important and go hand-in-hand, which means we look for songs that have a beautiful sound, singable style, and Christ-centered substance.


We set aside time in our gatherings for prayer. They’re not merely transitions that help with the flow of the service, but rather the means through which focus our hearts on the One we’ve come to worship.


We’re committed to preaching the whole counsel of God by preaching verse by verse entire books at a time. Our messages come from the Word of God because we believe it to be a wholly sufficient guide for life and faith. Week to week, we seek to expose the meaning of the text by starting with what it meant for the original audience in its historical context, and then applying its message to our own lives today.

The Lord’s Table

We observe Communion at the end of each service. We believe that Communion is for followers of Jesus and we encourage them to participate in the remembrance of His sacrifice for them on the cross. To learn more about why we do Communion every week, read our philosophy of worship (link below).


We invite regular attendees and members of LC to give generously as a response to God’s generous gifts to us in Christ. The offering plates are passed during the final song of our gathering, though online giving is also available. If you’re a guest at Life Church, we’re so grateful that you’ve taken time to worship with us and we don’t expect you to participate in giving.

Click here to learn more about Life Church’s philosophy of worship.